Atto 20x20mm 2-6S PDB


Sometimes a problem needs a simple solution.


The Atto PDB is a 20x20mm power distribution board weighing just 2.3g, designed to allow the use of micro sized flight controllers on builds of any size.


The versatile layout offers 2 large battery pads, 4 sets of ESC pads plus front and rear VBAT pads for powering your FC and FPV feed. It's a perfect fit for smaller flight controllers such as the FuriousFPV Piko F4 OSD and allows you to run individual ESC's for real power on 5" and 6" builds.


With no on board regulators you'll need to make sure your FC accepts full battery voltage or run your FC through an appropriate BEC.



Size - 27x27mm

Mounting - M3 20x20mm





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