FuriousFPV Lightning PDB with Single or double row LED Strip


FuriousFPV brings the ultimate 200A PDB with current sensor and LED lightning controller in one package.

The 200A PDB with current sensor and LED controller allows pilots to hookup LED strips onto the quad and control the colors with buttons on the PDB board or from the transmitter.



Input voltage range: 2-6S LiPo
BEC 5V Output: 5V - 1.5A
Built-in current sensor
Load current 200Amps
Max 30 LEDs/line x 5 lines = Max 150 LEDs
LED Strips configuration using button and Sbus
Configure Sbus channel 8
Weight: 6.6g


Package Includes:

1 x Lightning PDB (200a)
4 x Single row LED strips
4 x Connector cables

LED Strip

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