Gemfan 3028 Windancer Purple

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New multi-fit props from Gemfan. Suitable for T fitment or 5mm motor shafts.

Perfect for high KV 3" applications.


Brand name: Gemfan
Item name: windacer 3028 3-blade propeller
Color: clear purple
Pitch: 2.8 inch
Material: PC
Weight: 1.49g/pc
Mounting hole: 5mm round-hole/ 1.5mm 3-hole
Paddle diameter: 76.2mm
Hub thickness: 5.5mm
Max balde width: 11.1mm
Suitable for 1106-1306 motor

1. Compatible installation, suitable for both 11 & 13 series motors.
2. High efficiency, outstanding control, fast response and long duration.
3. Light blades with only 1.49g.

Package included:
2x windacer 3028 3-blade propeller CW
2x windacer 3028 3-blade propeller CCW

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