4 x T-Motor F40 Pro III - 2400kv / 2600kv

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The latest evolution of T-motor for 2019. Trusted quality and even better performance.



High temperature resistant enamelled windings.

Imported EZO bearings

Anti-slip prop grip on motor bell

Crash proof milling on motor shaft

Hollow axles

Superior bragging rights


KV 2400KV 2600KV
Motor Dimensions 27.9*33mm 27.9*33mm
Lead 20#AWG 150mm 20#AWG 150mm
Shaft Diameter 4mm 4mm
Idle Current(10V) 1.7A 2A
Max.Power(60s) 600W 749W
Internal Resistance 42mΩ 36mΩ
Configuration 12N14P 12N14P
Rated Voltage(Lipo) 3-4S 3-4S
Weight 33g 33.5g

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