4 x T-Motor F80 Pro - 2200kv

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The T=Motor monster!. Massive torque and 2200kv for pushing big props fast.


KV   2200KV  
Configuration   12N14P  
Internal Resistance   24mΩ  
Motor Dimensions (Dia.Len)   Ф29*33.6mm  
Shaft Diameter   4mm  
Motor Cable   20#, 150mm  
Motor weight (Incl. Cable)   39.7g  
Motor weight (Excl. Cable)   36.4g  
Rated Voltage (Lipo)   3-6S  
Idle Current (10V)   1.9A  
Max. Power (60s)   928W  
Peak Current (60s)   49.4A  

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