Taranis X9D+ Transmitter (Mode 2) with EVA Case and RX


The most important requirement for any transmitter is to maintain a rock solid connection with the receiver. FrSky is well known for its frequency hopping ACCST technology, which takes advantage of the entire 2.4GHz band, resulting in excellent range and reliability.
Many things can affect the link between the Transmitter and receiver, so FrSky incorporate RSSI (receiver signal strength indication) into all telemetry receivers. This feature allows the Taranis transmitter to continually monitor the reception quality at the aircraft, and raise an alert before signal quality becomes critical.

FrSky offers three different types of Failsafe:
1 - Hold last known commands.
2 - Go to a programmed state (e.g. cut the throttle, flaps down, etc. 
3 - No output (this triggers flight controllers with a "return to home" feature).

However, the RSSI feature makes it less likely that you will ever use the failsafe.
Receiver Lock allows you to lock a specific model in the transmitter to one and only one receiver. This avoids launching and crashing with the wrong model selected.

The Taranis Plus range has a higher quality, better contrast LCD display with blue or white backlighting, and haptic feedback built in. It also has new sliders, the big low self-discharge battery, and all of the other great features you have come to expect from FrSky.
The Taranis can be programmed to give you voice alerts on speaker or through the headphone jack. Count down timers, telemetry value warnings such as low voltage, change of flight mode, landing gear down, etc. can all be set up with a human recorded voice of your creation, or using sound packs available online.

The operating system for the Taranis is open-source firmware that has been developed by hobbyists in the R/C community. The programmers of the transmitter’s firmware and the OpenTX Companion software (which runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac) are very receptive to feedback and requests from users. If you can think of a feature or function, chances are the Taranis is capable of doing it. With 60 model memories, 32 mixers, 9 flight modes, sequencing, programmable delays and servo speed, all kinds of logical and hardware triggers, and the ability to assign any channel to anything, it is difficult to come up with something this radio cannot do. Programming can be either done on the radio (great for field changes), or we can set up and test our programs on our favourite computer via the free OpenTX Companion. It even features a handy set up wizard that will perform the basic setup to get you started! 
It is easy to share programs via the USB port using OpenTX Companion, or via the micro SD card on the back of the Taranis.

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