Atto Quark Superstretch 3" Frame

Atto Quark Superstretch 3" Frame


The Atto Quark is a ‘stretched -X’ 3″ frame designed around the new wave of micro components for a super light and strong racing build that is perfect for the track.


The stretched X design is favoured by many top pilots for several reasons. It offers super agile cornering and stable pitch control at high speeds as well as providing a clean air flow for the rear props. It's perfect for high speed tracks and the with the right build can easily rival 4 and 5" quads for speed whilst out cornering them too.


With 3mm and 2mm chamfered carbon the quark is light and tough enough for anything you can throw at it... or throw it at.


The Quark is supplied with stainless steel Torx frame bolts, 25mm standoffs, and Atto 20mm PDB, printed micro camera and whip antenna mounts plus a carbon prop spanner.


The Quark is was developed specifically for a 20mm flight controller and the Atto 20mm PDB is included with the frame. This allows you to build for any voltage while the smaller components allow a thinner frame and lower standoffs to be used, reducing drag and weight whilst increasing strength.


The Quark accepts any motors from 1103 to 1707. We recommend a 1408 motor paired with 20A ESCS. Most small ESCS will fit on the the arms if required. There is no SMA  mounting option as the frame is intended to be used with a dipole or whip antenna. See the Quark build log for details.


Also included is the Quark race canopy. giving you the option to build either version. This pod offers protection for a micro camera mount plus a whip antenna port. The canopy files are  also free to download, modify and print.


Quark frame kit includes:

  • 3mm Chamfered base plate
  • 2mm Chamfered top plate
  • 3D Printed TPU canopy (colour may vary)
  • 3 x 25mm 7075 aluminium standoffs
  • 4x 5mm aluminium standoffs
  • 6 x 6mm Stainless steel M3 torx bolts
  • 3 x 12mm Stainless steel M3 torx bolts
  • M5 Spanner / keyring
  • ATTO 20mm Power Distribution Board
  • TPU mcro camera mount
  • TPU Whip antenna mount

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