Atto Sniper Frame 6"

Atto Sniper Frame 6"


The Atto Sniper is a super light and agile frame that weigh's in at less than 61g but is strong enough to race and take hit after hit.


Every feature of the frame is geared towards maximum strength and minimum weight. With 2mm chamfered main plates and 8.5mm x 5mm chamfered arms the 5" bare frame weighs just 60.8g with stainless steel hardware and 7075 25mm standoffs..


The mid plate features installed M3 Steel press fit nuts to lock the arms in place plus options for 20mm and 30.5mm hardware. We expect this to be run on lightweight 20mm setups so access is provided to the stack bolts for this size through the bottom plate with enough space to remove your stack bolts entirely. 


The single printed mount houses a micro camera, antenna and turtle fin in one. It attaches securely with no bolts or ties and does not require you to tighten bolts into TPU. The top plate features the standard Atto antenna mount so is also compatible with many of the existing

photon prints. Separate camera and antenna mounts are available.


For hardware the choice is stanless steel flanged Torx bolts. Torx bolts never round off and the flange spreads the load over a greater area of carbon. It's the smart option. Standoffs are 7075 aluminium in matte black. Though they are slightly heavier than the usual 6061 versions, the trade off in strength is well worth it. (You'll need a T10 Torx driver for this hardware)


6" Frame kit includes:


  • 2mm Chamfered bottom Plate
  • 2mm Chamfered mid plate with press fit hardware
  • 2mm Chamfered top plate
  • 5mm Chamfered arms
  • 4 x 25mm 7075 Standoffs
  • 4 x 6mm Flanged Torx Bolts
  • 6 x 12mm Flanged Torx Bolts
  • Printed Micro cam / Thrasher mount / Fin
  • Atto 20mm PDB
  • Carbon Spanner / Keyring



Antenna mount

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