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Sniper 5

Sniper 5


The Atto Sniper is a super light and agile frame that weigh's in at less than 65g but is strong enough to race and take hit after hit.


Every feature of the frame is geared towards maximum strength and minimum weight. With 2mm chamfered main plates with countersunk bottom plate 5mm chamfered arms and 4mm braces it is ready to take a hit while remaining one of the lightest frames in it's class.


This frame is a normal stretch configuration. It is also available in 6" and 7" X versions.

The top plate features the same Atto Tri mount as the Neutrino frame allowing race fins and HD mounts to be easily swapped using 3 bolts without disturbing your frame.


*Frame is shown with optional 4mm Race Braces.


The mid plate features installed M3 Steel press fit nuts to lock the arms in place plus options for 20mm and 30.5mm hardware. Access is provided to the 20x20mm FC bolts through the bottom plate with enough space to remove your stack bolts entirely.



5" Frame kit includes:


2mm Chamferedand countersunk bottom Plate

2mm Chamfered mid plate with press fit hardware

2mm Chamfered top plate

5mm Chamfered arms

25mm 7075 Standoffs

Stainless steel Torx hardware

Optional Race Brace(s)

Carbon SMA Spanner / Keyring

*Does not include prints. Download STL files for free here


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