Micron 3

Micron 3


This Mini-Micron is a 3" unibody racer designed around the existing Micron platform. 

Suitable for 20mm and 25.5mm FC and compatoble with Sharkbyte or Vista Nebula systems. 


45° folding nano camera mount, SMA/whip mount, race fin, 7075 standoffs and flanged Torx hardware are included.


Frame features:

T700 carbon

7075 Aluminium standoffs

Unique ‘Dual mount’ HD cam/fin quick swap system

M3 20mm or M2 25.5mm FC.

Flanged stainless Torx hardware

Varable angle Nano camera mount

Whip / SMA antenna mount

Dual mount race fin


Bare frame weight 28g


The top plate features dual embedded M3 threads for mounting race fins or HD mounts. STL files for a variety of cameras, antennas and accessories are available for free.


The Micron 3 accepts 12x12mm M2 motors and Nano cameras only.

TPU Colour