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Micron 3

Micron 3


This Mini-Micron is a 3" unibody racer designed around the existing Micron platform. 

Suitable for 20mm and 25.5mm FC and compatoble with Sharkbyte or Vista Nebula systems. 


45° folding nano camera mount, SMA/whip mount, race fin, 7075 standoffs and flanged Torx hardware are included.


Frame features:

T700 carbon

7075 Aluminium standoffs

Unique ‘Dual mount’ HD cam/fin quick swap system

M3 20mm or M2 25.5mm FC.

Flanged stainless Torx hardware

16x200mm Atto Kevlar battery strap

*Prints aot included. STL files available to download for free here


Bare frame weight 28g


The top plate features dual embedded M3 threads for mounting race fins or HD mounts. STL files for a variety of cameras, antennas and accessories are available for free.


The Micron 3 accepts 12x12mm M2 motors and Nano cameras only.

TPU Colour
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