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Neutrino LR

Neutrino LR





The Neutrino LR builds on the Atto freesdtyle platform providing a clearer field of view while creating space at the rear of the build for additions such as GPS or larger batteries. The added side braces create a rigid 5" frame making it easy to tune for efficiency and longer flight times. 


The added space around the props and 'H' design reduces propwash making it a versatile platform for long range, freestyle or cinematic flying.  



Frame features:

Fully chamfered T700 carbon

7075 Aluminium standoffs

Unique ‘Tri-Mount’ HD cam quick swap system

5mm boomerang arms

4mm Race Braces

Three independant M3 20mm stack mounts

Flanged stainless Torx hardware

Choice of top mount battery orientation

Varable angle Nano camera mount

SMA pigtail antenna mount

30° Gopro Session Tri-Mount

Battery saver standoff mount


Bare frame weight with 7075 /Torx hardware -  99g

The Tri-mount HD swap system gives a strong and solid connection for go pro mounts and accessories using three bolts that tighten directly into the frame. It takes less than a minute to swap out a gopro mount or convert the frame from freestyle to top mount racer.

The 7075 Alloy standoffs are far stronger than the usual 6061 type found in most frames. The stainless steel flanged Torx hardware will never round off like a hex bolt does and tightens over a greater area of the carbon, reducing stress and increasing overall strength.

For maximum strength, the boomerang arms are drilled for 16x16 M3 motors only. The included mounts fit a Nano camera from 15-45° and an SMA pigtail for mounting your choice of antennas.

Atto designed mounts for other cameras, antennas and Gopro HD cameras are available to download for free from the 'STL FILES' section.


"I designed the Neutrino because the freestyle frame I wanted to fly didn’t exist yet. I needed it to be light, strong, light, good looking, light, versatile… and light.
The Tri-mount on the Neutrino top plate is a simple solution to a common problem. When a TPU camera mount is secured using your frame bolts you either crush the mount or introduce flex into your frame. Flex causes vibrations and reduces strength in a crash. By fixing the mounting points directly into the top plate the whole build becomes stronger and converting your frame for different flights in the field takes seconds.
Because the Neutrino is designed specifically for 20x20mm and nano components the overall build weight is reduced compared to a typical freestyle quad. A well thought out 6S Neutrino build can be as little as 300g. Lower weight means more power, longer flight times and lower inertia in a crash.
The bottom line is, the Neutrino makes me smile when I fly it. I hope it does the same for you." - Jon Hall,  AttoFPV

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