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Photon 5 Aero

Photon 5 Aero


Atto's sexiest frame; The Aero Superstretch.


NEW VERSION: The Photon is now even stronger with a new 5" only arm design, captive nuts and a redisigned canopy. The new arms are the same weight as the previous version but much stiffer with integrated captive nuts to make building and maintenance easier.


Designed and printed in house, the Aero canopy is the ultimate high speed quad. Superstretch geometry delivers clean air to the rear props to maximise the power on tap. It doesn't look too shabby either.


The frame is based on the Atto Photon, with a chamfered 3mm base plate and chamfered 5mm boomerang arms supplied with fitted M3 press nuts. There's space for 20mm or 30.5mm FC plus integrated antenna protection, turtle fin and micro camera mount.


In white TPU the canopy protects your motor wires and diffuses LED's which can be mounted inside. The canopy is designed for 4in1 ESC's but can be cut down to fit separates if required.


Secure antenna fitment using a TBS/Furious style SMA pigtail.

Available to fit Menace thrasher, axii ufl, lollipop ufl, and SMA setups.



Photon base plate

Photon boomerang arms x 2

Aero superstretch canopy

M3x12mm stainless steel torx bolts x 4

M3x16mm stainless steel torx bolts x 4

M3 alloy standoffs x 4

M3 Nyloc nuts x 4

Atto 20mm PDB

Carbon keyfob

Carbon prop spanner




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