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Micron 5

Micron 5


The Micron 5 is Atto's lightest racing frame for 220X motors. With a compact true-X configuration it is designed around micro stacks and nano sized cameras for the ultimate light weight build. 


The 2023 Micron uses a new countersunk 3mm bottom plate,  5mm boomerang arms, 2mm top plate, optional mid plate and Race-Braces to produce a super rigid frame. Extra strong 7075 standoffs and flanged Torx hardware keep everything solid for an easy tuning experience. 


The unique top plate features embedded M3 threads for mouting fins, HD cameras or antennas without the need for bolting through TPU, further increasing the strength of the frame. A TPU dual mount fin is included.


Another key feature is the folding camera mount, fitting both Foxeer and Runcam nano models it secures your camera without bolts.


The antenna mount features a cutout for a Unify/Tramp style SMA pigtail. Print options for other camera and antenna versions are available from the 'STL FILES' section of the site. 


The optional 4mm Race Braces are fitted usingthe supplied 12mm Torx motor bolts and add stiffness and strength to the frame at the expense of a little extra weight. The combination of boomerang arms and race braces make for a frame that is super light and extremely strong.


Frame features:

Fully chamfered T700 carbon

7075 Aluminium standoffs

Unique ‘Dual mount’ HD cam/fin quick swap system

5mm boomerang arms

Optional 4mm Race Braces

M3 20mm mount

Flanged stainless Torx hardware

25x230mm Kevlar battery Strap

*Prints not included. Download STL files for free here


Bare frame. No brace plate -  55g

Bare frame. With mid plate -  58g

Bare frame. No mid plate with all prints -  58g

Bare frame. With mid plate and all prints -  61.5g

Add Race Braces - +9g


The Micron 5 accepts 20x20mm hardware, 16x16mm M3 motors and Nano cameras only.

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