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Atto DC130 3" Frame

Atto DC130 3" Frame


The DC130 is the original Atto. We no longer keep this frame in stock but get in touch if you require parts or support for your DC130 or wish to special order this 3" freestyle frame for 30.5mm FC.


The goal of the DC130 was to design a 3" quad capable of carrying 'proper' equipment in the days before 20mm flight controllers, 3D printing or even mini sized cameras. These days the Quark is a far better option but the DC130 still has a special place in our hearts.


The 3mm dead cat configuration frame moves the yaw point forward for precision turns and can be built with a choice of top plates to accommodate full size or micro components.


This frame offers protection for a full size canera and is ideal for fast acro flying.


Choose to run a full size flight controller and 4in1 ESC or micro flight controller with ESC’s on the arms. The shorter rear arms add strength and reduce weight. This is an advanced build if using a standard FC, the rear props will hang over the corners of any 30.5mm FC. If needed you can use the an Atto motor riser set to add some clearance.


Click here for a step-by-step DC130 build guide


DC130 kit includes:

  • 3mm DC130 frame
  • 1.5mm Nano plate
  • 1.5mm Micro plates
  • 1.5mm Piggyback plate
  • 35mm alloy main standoffs
  • 10mm alloy piggyback standoffs
  • M3 bolts
  • Alloy M3 FC bolts
  • Alloy FC spacers
  • Alloy M5 motor nuts
  • XT-30 connector
  • M5 Spanner / keyring
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