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Photon 5

Photon 5


The Atto Photon Superstretch is designed to go fast, crash hard, and look great.


The Photon is a Superstretch frame meaning it's a longer than a regular stretched X frame. This allows clean air to the rear props giving superior stable speed on the straights while remaining locked and nimble int he corners.


The frame features a 3mm base plate, 2mm top plate and 5mm arms. High grade chamfered carbon offers superb strength and durability making the Photon a solid choice for racing or freestyle.


The top plate uses a rear mount system unique to Atto with many prints available to fit a range of antenna options. Just slide the mount in from the back and fix with a cable tie for security. Designs for mounts are available for download and modify for free.


The kit is supplied with M3 stainless steel torx hardware as well as premium 7075 aluminiun standoffs giving you the confidence to build and rebuild any way you wish.


Each Photon is supplied with a range of TPU parts to get you in the air with your chosen gear. Just choose from the appropriate options below. Also in the box is an Atto 20mm PDB, with no regulators on board it will take any voltage. Perfect for those wishing to build a 20x20mm 6S stack.


Photon frame kit includes

2 x 5mm Photon Arms

3mm Base plate

2mm Mini top plate

2mm Top plate

Atto 20mm PDB

4 x 25mm M3 7075 Standoffs

8 x 12mm Stainless M3 Torx bolts

4 x 6mm Stainless M3 Torx bolts

3mm Carbon prop spanner

Atto Carbon key fob

3D printed micro camera mount

3D printed antenna mount

Choice of 3D printed extras


Your choice of 3D prints are included in the price, if you don't see what you need just get in touch and we can fix that.


*3D printed parts may vary in colour from those shown.

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